What we can do! A Testimonial

Chris R.

Bruce Dreyfus and the PMSP system will enable you to bring your strengths to your transition. It will position you to drive the process instead of becoming “HR roadkill.”

A successful sales campaign starts with a clear, focused message, an efficient/effective methodology and excellent support materials. Then you execute your campaign into your target market with aggressive persistence.

This may be second nature to us as executives and successful business people, but somehow it is an entirely different story when the product we are selling is ourselves. Let’s face it: how prepared are you to sell yourself? How prepared are you to position yourself successfully in a competitive market? How do you get the attention of hiring authorities and stand out from the pack? How do you do it without getting stuck in the HR grind? How do you maintain power and create the future you want? 

That’s what Bruce’s coaching and methodology will do for you. I entered transition after helping to found a start-up, working through the process and selling it as part of the exit strategy. With Bruce’s help, I was able to hone my approach, codify it and, in less than 10 weeks, find another position that I wanted.

Think of it this way. Earlier this week I tried to fix a leak in the bathroom shower. I screwed it up so badly that the plumbers may have to come and cut a hole in the wall to fix it. Just because we’re smart and competent doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask for professional, experienced help when we need it.

Don’t trust your transition to luck. Let Bruce or the “get-that-next-job.net” methodology enable you.

Chris R.